30 December 2010

Happy Birthday to my dear Mom~ and my auntie. My mom is one of the twins and I am so happy for her coz she is health and open-minded. I get to know more about my mom after I am pregnant and see things in different ways. I am glad my mom let me fly so far and she won't stop me trying. Let's see if I can do the same to 99 and allow her to fly higher than me. My mom is not a cake person, so we take her out for German dinner - Wendel Bistro. It's our first time to this German restaurant and DC is really surprised the food quality and portion. For the very first time, the food portion is bigger than the photo on menu. For the very first time, the food tastes original favour, well, it's lighter than regular German food and my mom can take it. She nearly lost her jar when she saw DC added salt and pepper into goulash soup. I order a grilled pan for two, but it turns out we can't finish it at all. But the meat selection is really good, chicken breast / pork chop / beef steak / sausage / bacon, the meat is so tender and tasty. DC promises me we'll be back after 99 is born. I want to come back for brunch and try the white wine. The garden will be kid's favorite playground and we can eat outdoor which I prefer. Tonight, we don't have space for cake, but next time, I'll save some space for the dessert.
7 days to go~ 99 really enjoys the German dinner, the hiccup continues more than 30 mins. My toes look like cocktail sausages. But, I still enjoy my dinner... OMG, I can dream of it one more time... DC is in potato comma, I will be the next. Bed time, when I am able to...

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