20 November 2010

It's our 2nd time to go on street for pushing the Taiwan Megan & Jessica law. The comparison of these two protests are so big different. In the first time (25th Sep), we were all angry about the law system and the judge evaluation. For the very first time, we were nearly 30K ppl or more. But this time, the second time, after few months, 20th Nov, we were few thousand ppl. Although we are so little, but we are still here standing, waiting for the law passes in the court and changes in the judge evaluation. And we will still be here, no matter how little we are, how small we are, we will be here until we get what we want. This country has been surprised me in many ways, I am not surprised to see those victims came out and ask for help. This is the little thing we can do for them, for our future, for our next generation. We just need to stand still with them.

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