7 August 2010

We celebrated Father's Day earlier. We had been talking about this English restaurant - "Pot pie cafe" for years, but never make it happen. I send my invitation to Dave on Skype and he said ok, but he didn't know where we were going. When we arrived the MRT station, he thought we were going to Carnegies or Spanish place. Hahaha, he froze when we walked to Pot pie cafe and he saw the Britz flag, or even more, he saw PIE. It's a small cafe, with 20 seats, located 5 mins walk from MRT station. The menu is easy, not too much items, just enough.
It came with Chowder soup first, it's really good, not too creamy, not too thin. The portion is a bit bigger than others, but that's fine to me. As usual, I still can't taste the salt. Dave had the Chicken & Mushroom pot pie and I had the Fish & Chips. Well, the pie was different than we thought, it's with tart base. The top smash potato is a bit dry, will be better if they beat the smash potato with milk and butter. The Fish & chips, oh, it's so different than chipper in Ireland or UK. The butter is too much flower, but the fish fillet is bigger than I had in the other restaurants. Oh, the good thing is about the service, at least, I don't need to ask for vinegar when I order Fish & Chips. The dessert, nice, very thick cheese cake and the tea.... Can't drink coffee.... This cafe has Illy coffee, gonna try it next time. It was hot out there, Dave had ice tea.
Well, after all, we give this cafe another try later on then. It's good quality, but still a bit away from our expectation. However, Happy Father's Day to all of you...

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