29 August 2010

Chris and Mia invited us for a late brunch. We go to "Dinner" next to Carnegies. It's kind of American restaurant, but the organic egg is the top choice. You can see the quality thru the egg yolk, very good for baby. I got the Greek Omelet, wow, I love the Feta. Dave is happy with his dish. After this brunch, we take a walk to "Mothercare" shop to check out the baby stuff. Well, I heard there will be a sales, but it is not that much as it said on website. So, we decided to leave it while October sales in on. Dave is happy with the trial with Maxi-Cosi and I check out the baby cribs, none of them I like. We'll see then. Now, Next, department store and ask around friends and families...
PS: I am on 139 days, half way thru. Yappy!!!

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