31 July 2010

This weekend, my parents take Daniel and Duncan up to visit us. The main reason is Dave lost weight. My mom didn't let Dave lost weight under her watch in KHH and she can't believe Dave lost weight so much while my first trimester. I was on morning sickness and couldn't finish my meal, so Dave had to finish them sometimes. Even though, he should gain weight, not lost weight. Well, I know it's kind of strange, but Dave is alright, good health and we just eat right. Plus it's summer, very very hot sumer, 38 degrees during day time. What can you do?
Of course, my parents bring the food supply, chicken, turtles, veggies; it's like we can't buy them here, but I know they love us so much. I need all the food... Yes, you might notice my Mom is not in camera coz she is busy in kitchen since she steps in our apartment. That's my Mom...

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