13 September 2009

This is tranditional TW breakfast service. Well, someone told me the shop in the corner has better quality of soymilk. However, those breakfast shops start business over 40 yrs here, with same food, same service team. My mom orders the salty soymilk, it serves with green onion and egg yolk and soy sauce. She likes Cabbage Caibao, I have ricemilk to go with Xiao Long Bao. There are many breakfast shops on that street. My plan is try all of them and then find out which one is the best. My Dad loves Biscuits with Fried fritters to go with soymilk. I gonna find one for him before his next visit. Hey, my Dad has 50% discount on public transportation now. Da (in DUB), you use your free pass a lot, don't you?

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