15 August 2009

It's been 7 days since mudslides fall down. Based on Taiwanese tradition, relatives need to collect their love ones' spirit by photo or clothes, it's the first part of TW funeral (the First 7-Day;http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2009/08/16/2003451266). It's a hard time today. Many ppl kind of break down in this point. Some ppl are facing 15 blood related's funerals, there is a man holding 40 photo and 15 of them are blood related. He cried out that the he can't carry all of photo with heavy frames on, so he only puts photo on table. I wonder if any governement officer hears this or see this happening. Some ppl can't stay in the ER center, so they go back to the village to collect their love ones' spirits. After the ceremony, the woman carries photo and incense, call their love ones' names and tell them to follow her go on or get off the car. Normally, you hear ppl call one name only, but it's so different to see this woman calling 10 names. That's part of story for the death. Following is the for the one still alive. There are so many villages on the mountains and they can't leave without helicopter. Some of them still can't have the food and water. This drop point is a mountain away from the village. You can see on the video that village ppl climb out to get the supply and carry back to village. There are more video show village ppl are starving for 5 days, when they come into ER center, it's terrible to watch. 5-yr-old girl eats like dog coz she hasn't eat for 5 days and news channel puts her on headline. It's humiliation. How can they broadcast this? I feel so disgraceful. Like one of suvivors said, face the problem and deal with it, and then let it go. Most of village ppl are trying still, hopefully, they can work it out and get back to their life. There are over 100 kids on A-Li-San truck in village without food, they really need milk powder. I'm going to check governement's work schedule and make sure they don't forget those villages.

The sad thing is the center governement is hiding behind the law. The time like this, they need to behave like a country leader, but I can't see one. So far, TW governer only admits 126 death and 56 injurts. The officers need to see the remains to give compesation or help. Those survivors have lost everything they have (family, house, farm or job) and government is still on paper work. That's the governement we voted. The weather forecast department just announces heavy rain warning for this afternoon. My heart sinks.

Taipei Times shows this "Before and After". The photo can speak itself...http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/photo/2009/08/14/2008039837

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