9 August 2009

This is the county where Mark's chicken farm is. The farm is on higher land, but still flooded on knee high. Mark lost 12000 chicks, died on drunk or lost tempture. Everything comes so fast, there is no time to think about what's next. 2900mm rain in 3 days without stoping and it's still raining out there. Please set a prayer for my ppl in the South. There are many report of land slide and many villages lost contact. Bridges broke down and there is no road in some places, may God shows them the way to life. 2nd Uncle's rice paddy is in the water, there is nothing we can do. He looks ok and still look out for his grandchildren. They stay on 2nd floor, won't come down until water is gone. The village on video is on the way to the fish restaurant, Dong Guang. There is no road, you gonna go with boat. Let's pray the rain stop asap. The weather forcast said it'll continue until Tuesday. I don't know if they can hang on that long.

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