27 June 2009

Well, it should be a typhoon weekend, but at least, we get a break from this typhoon. But, the rain does come. We go for ex-FPS party, turns out, only S&M comes. The lunch in Neo Jasu Yaki is tasty, DC and I have 8 plates of sliced beef - Certified Angus Beef. It's all you can eat in 90 minutes for 398 NTD (9 Euro) per person. Boiling beef sliced in JP sauce and diping in mix egg are tranditional way to eat it. On the side, there are fruit bar and all the cold / hot drink. The only thing missing here is the ice cream. Most of All-you-can-eat buffet places offer Häagen-Dazs or Mövenpick, here, you can have a scoop of homemade green tea ice cream. We nearly need to be roll out by the time we finished. It's so good, Ian, we'll take you here for sure...
Cyn is back and DC is excited to present her the dinner and dessert. I appreciate DC takes Cyn as my baby sis. Amanda had steak treatment and Cyn really likes to have her own one too. Of course, top treatment, Creme Brulee! We have a great night, untill Ian told me Spice Burger is in history. 25 degrees in DUB and 35 degrees in TPE, we have raining day and DUB has summer. It's so unfair. Why did I have winter weather in Summer when I visited last year? Ian, you better make sure Burdocks has that deep fried mashroom and fish & chips. I can't handle another news like spice burger. PLS!
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