1 March 2009

I know I have been lazy coz I was busy with Grandpa since A-An left. These days, Grandpa had infection since he came back from TNN. So, we were in and out of hospital. Coz of antibiotic, his appetite has cut off and difficult to swallow. Finally, he is getting better, so we can go out for a night with Mark. It's Rugby time! British really picks up this time, I am more surprised with their strategy and how they got the result so close (14:13). Also my first time to see Ronan make so many missed kick offs - three times!!! We could win more!
You can see the different smile from before and after match?!? No matter before or after match, KHH love river is same pretty as usual. From walking at night, we find more new places to go. It's kind of pitty, no seafood restaurant or night market around river side to attract tourism like in Singapore. Nice food with drink, and then habour view, many ppl will pay for it.
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