19 January 2009

The first question DC gives to Dr. Chen is: How do you spent your voucher? My goodness, what kind of question you ask your Dr.? However, we are back for 6-month check. Coz DC brings up some questions regarding his condition, so, this EMG will confirm some of the questions. It's painful, but DC doesn't cry. He makes this clear, he doesn't have a tear AT ALL. We'll come back for the result after Chinese New Year.
Since 11th Jan 2009, TW has a new rule: No-smoking everywhere. I think it's over done and I wonder how long this will last. No-smoking in public place and everywhere. I understand Europe are under the same rule, but TW is over done and too much! The fine is up to 6K~10K NTD. The airports blocks the smoking rooms. The shop can't put the tabacco ads, that's fine to me. The shop has to hide the ciggratte, that really makes me laugh. This makes me think of Jane in IT crowd. Will it happen here?
PS: I am really sick. Daniel gets it from school and Duncan gets it, and then me..... OMG, I passed Christmas and the new year. Just before Chinese new year..... Well, better get over this before Chinese New Year. I need a good start for the Ox year. I haven't get sick for a while, forgot how bad it could go already...
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