6 January 2009

Even the flight ticket is getting higher, the petrol price is up and down, but I have to say, I love this trip. I got what I paid for. The seat won't bend backward when you try to sit comfortablely. Your space is secured. The in-flight-entertainment is much more fun than usual. I can't sleep in flight, so it was nightmare to me. But with this new plane, I can have movie, TV drama, Game...etc selection for 13 hours. It could be paused or fast forward or backward anytime. On the way to AMS, I was watching CSI, House..etc, and I couldn't finish before landing. On the way back, as you can see what I am playing. We find this plug on the seat but we won't dare to try. Perhaps, next time, we can try it out and give a report. I love this plane, 13-hour flight is no longer nightmare to me!!!
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