12 January 2009

Again we are in KHH airport, but it's not us to take off. It's my Dad go for business trip. We take Duncan coz Daniel is at school. I'd like to kick this little alarm sometimes, 7:30AM sharp every morning. Duncan attaches to my Dad big time, I can't think of the following week - Duncan will search every corner of the house, looking for his dear Grandpa. While Dad is on business trip, we can have time to recover. My jetlag is not over yet and boys are on the early stage of catching cold. OMG, I don't want to get sick before Chinese New Year.
I can't believe the Christmas decoration is still on. My goodness, it's 12th Jan already! They should take it down by 6th Jan as the old Christmas day is off. But, when we arrived HKG and KHH last week, the Chinese New Year music and decoration are on the Duty free shop already. Perhaps, the airport office should know about that too.
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