23 December 2008

Christmas is a very important time for Irish family. Therefore, we need strong alcohol support and it's a better deal up to the North. Here we are - we head to North - over Newry - we end up nearly Belfast suburb - Lisburn. The sun set is nearly 4, so not good light for taking pics. It's different than the South. Also, on Saintsbury's door, I find a thing different - Sunday shopping. The store will be open at 12:30 but for browsing only, shopping is after 1PM. And good news is: We really get better deal here. These days, Stering is droping and Euro is getiting stronger. 0.97 penny to 1 Euro in the shop and 0.94 in the bank exchange. That makes a big different. We get a free range turkey for 6 adult and 2 kids for 35 Euro after converted. And Terry gets 70 quids from the Dundalk butcher. The only problem in this shopping center is we can't get something decent to eat, so we have the famous Scotish dinner - McDonalds. Their chocolate milkshake tastes sour to me.
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