10 September 2008

Yes, that's what I called "A holiday"! Man cooks breakfast and woman enjoys the sunshine, having good time beside the swimming pool. Well DC brought 1Kg+ of Kearns' sausages in his suitcase which he had been dreaming of since May. Well, we stick with the swimming pool then. The sunshine is the same as at home (TW), but the heat is much less. When the sun is gone, the temperature drops to around 25 degrees or less. It's good for Irish, but a bit chilly for Taiwanese.
This afternoon, Irish is playing qualify with Montenegro. We show Coffey's support when Da & Mags are up to Church to meet priest for last update. I have to say Irish went easy on Montenegro. When the match ENG-CRO is on, the sun is off and the sea breeze comes in. It's a lovely place and time to walk on the beach. Now, I understand why ppl will come here for family time or honeymoon.

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