9 September 2008

Tonight, we have a Coffey night then. The only Miss Coffey and Mrs. Coffey. And then, of course, all the Mr. Coffey. The good thing is Mojacar has good bus system in town, on time and runs until midnight. The hotel reception recommends this local restaurant and the food is fantastic. Ian picks up some tapas and they are lovely. We are full before the main courses arrive. Sorry, no pic on food coz I enjoy every bite, no time for pics. We have a wonderful time here.
Have I mentioned what's bad about Mojacar? They only have 7 taxis down here, and sometimes, the taxi drivers go to bed pretty early. I guess taxi drivers are different in every culture. However, the waitress manages to get us a taxi to go down to the bar. Good for us, party stays on then.

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