15 August 2008

Half year passed, Night duty voted for meal than an over-night trip. Here we go. Somehow, I can't recognize some of them without uniform. DC said, it's difficult coz you can only see their eyes in the uniform. Plus they work at night and we work in day time. Unless in some conditions such as: typhoon; we'll be in factory together. Good to see them bringing their family here. They have been worked together for 4 yrs and most of family know each other. The supervisor's son was 6-month-old when his mom came to work. Now, he's nearly 5 and studies in kindergarden. During meal, office has prepared some lottery and DC gets involved too. Remind you, it's a tiny village in KHH county. Most of them haven't see a white guy here in their entire life time. Here is their oppotunity. They are so afraid to talk to DC. But they show high interest on DC's movement. After DC picks up roasted beef, it run out pretty fast. Swiss chocolate? I reserved some for myself and share 2 bags with office. It's a lovely family day!
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