29 February 2008

While we are waiting for Dad (we are going up to TPE to see Joshua), we take Duncan for a walk in the park where across the road. I see the other boys in the playground, they are sick, but they are out here to play. Well, I gonna make sure Duncan wash his hands before he touch his face or mouth. Compare to Daniel, Duncan is more enegertic and good appetite. Therefore, he's a big boy in his generation. In some way, I think that's for his own good. But, since he is back to hospital, he catches cold easily and last long while. Daniel is small in his age, but he is the last one to catch cold, so, I think that's a good start. Both of them have good taste, so it's no problem to let them eat with good staff. They love the pasta I made, believe me or not, I use blue cheese in the sauce! They eat it and want more!
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