5 March 2008

There are so many things in culture different. Last night I was reading some blogs and getting more points out.
Like the funeral service I saw on the news: New TW stytle funeral service How can it happen? And it did happen. But this old man was 103-yr-old... Anyway, that's new!
Based on language and culture different, we are more sensitive when we are in strange environment. It doesn't matter how long the marriage is. B is with P for 20 yrs, they do have the same issue like we have. I am lucky coz DC would stay with me in KHH, so I can spend more time with my parents. I don't think I can stay with them too long, like my brothers. DC is independent since he was 18-yr-old. He is not used to live with elders. We have 11 ppl in 4 generations under one roof, that's difficult to DC. But he is so sweet and stays with me and supports me. Mom is in TPE to take care of Mia and Joshua and Chris. I gonna feed 10 ppl here, work work work!
Grandparents are married for over 70 years, always sleep on the same bed, share one blanket or douvet. These two years, we try to talk to Grandma having her own blanket or douvet coz Grandparents will grap the blanket or douvet and leave the other one in cold. But Grandma won't take it coz she won't know if Grandpa kicks off the blanket or douvet. We see it so tiny issue, but it's big for Grandma. (Although she is the one who takes all the blanket and leave Grandpa in cold or reversed into Grandpa takes the blanket and leave Grandma in cold.) Mom and I have a talk about this issue, we prefer to take our own blanket, but we do check on our husbands at midnight. It works on us, but not Grandma. Perhaps that's her way to show her love to Grandpa, which is a bit heavy for us.
Actually, day after day, I am getting lost about future plan. We were talking about future plan, but normally it's 2 months time from the present. We can't make longer plan coz there are so many unsure issues. We do like to go back to DUB and start the guest house somewhere in sea front. That's our dream. We put our foot down, step by step, go forward to make our dream come true!
There are 4 earthquakes in KHH in last 9 hours, 1AM 1:30AM 6:40AM and 8:45AM. It is mild, 4-5.5, but it's wird. We are expecting a big one near Dad's home town, we are not sure those mild earthquakes are from the same line yet. Cross fingers and touch wood, that'll be it. However, time to train DC and A-an for the first aid and SOP for earthquake issue. They feel strange, but better prepare in advance than being panic in last minute. Plus we have Grandpa who can't move by himself or Grandma who can't walk fast or even run. God bless us!

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