26 February 2008

The weather forecast keeps giving out the warning about the cold front on Wednesday and Saturday. It's a sunny day without a piece of cloud in the sky. We haven't been to Culture center for a long long time. After Lantern Festival, it quites down and less ppl here. After lunch, we take a walk here, heat us up before the cold front arrives. Grandparents like this place, but the culture center is not that friendly environment for wheel chair users. Plus those lifts are so old and small, we do worry a bit when we are in the lift. The side walk path is on some stages, we gonna walk Grandpa on road, lucky, Center is limited for car coming in. There is no exit for wheel chair between paths and roads. It's been a saying: KHH is a culture desert. Culture center provides a place for all location, eg: festival or concert etc.
After we are toasted, it's good time to introduce Mövenpick ice cream to Grandparents. Well, we start with JP red bean soup and then let them try a bite of Mövenpick. Oh, DC is not here, therefore, I gonna try it out for him, let's make it two scoopes then. Tasty!!! I'm still a Häagen-Dazs fan, deep in my heart!!!
Ian, good to hear that you got a good deal on lazyboy. I hope you do prepare a small fridge (full of beer cans) on the side and remove control on the other side. Still something missing, oh a small table, maybe to put dish on it. Man, you do need to get off that chair somehow! Enjoy it! Can I have the couch?!?
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