18 February 2008

On the way back to KHH, we pass by Hsin-Chu to visit 2nd and 4th aunt. 4th Aunt's mother-in-law is in the house now, I call her Grandma too. She is nice to me as always, maybe coz I was the massenger from my Grandma Chen. She is 88 now, still in good form and she loves to chat. Now, she stays in every son's house for a month. She gets a girl to help her moving around, so she can be independent. Not bad for a big girl like her. She loves to feed DC, turns dish in front of DC and asks him to pick up.
2nd Aunt fall from stairs in Supermarket before CNY. But she was released on CNY eve. This year is quiet for her. She is the one paying extra care on her apperance, this time is a bit harsh on her. For us, her health is more important to us, especially she becomes vigan laterly. 2nd Uncle-in-law cooks for us and he has done a wonderful job again. It's still the same as I can remember.
In one of the service station on high way, I find this corner. It's the glove dolls. In the old time, before TV, that's our entertainment. It was in front of temple or in the square, the story or every single line, we still can remember. Sweet. Dad's generation is part I and ours is part II. Someone has made the part III in Hollywood but it doesn't work with English. Sometimes, translation could be good, but sometimes, there is things you can't understand without the language.
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