11 February 2008

It's near the end of New Year holiday, all of us are going back to work tomorrow. Cousin takes his family and 1st aunt to visit us. It's been so long for them to come here, they are in the neighbourhood and couldn't get the way in for hours. Cousin's wife is from mainland and she is surprised with Mom's cooking - simply, easy and tasty. I can't believe Cousin's daughter is only 5th grade, she is big for 11 yr-old. After the meal, Mom takes them to visit Aunt Chio-Lang, the neightbour and classmate of 1st aunt, Grandma Chen raised her up as her own one when aunt's parents run away from debt. Aunt Chio-Lang needs family support urgently coz it could be the last New Year for her husband - Prostate cancer. It's getting colder and colder, for the begin of this year!
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