8 February 2008

It's the 2nd day of New Year. As tradition, it's the day the woman can go back to visit her family. Mom buys us a nice lunch and then takes Grandparents to visit Grandaunt (Grandma's sis, she comes to KHH for couple days). Grandaunt has 5 sons which can count as the best wife in village. Uncle is busy with her daughter came home with the little baby boy. After meal, the couple go out for shopping and the little one stays at home with elders, plus it's very cold outside. Women have a lot to talk and I like Grandaunt. Grandaunt likes me and she keeps saying it to Grandma that I'll be the one stay beside, same to my Dad. These pair sisters, same life, same village and they turn out different way. Grandma nags about our behaviour and Grandaunt told her that she has 3 sons lives next door but no one invited her for New Year Eve dinner. She ended up having dinner alone and go to bed very early. Grandaunt is happy to meet A-an, she does a good job to look after Grandpa. When I come back with car to take Grandparents home, I am in trouble, all elders - including my own parents start to say things when I was little and those I can't even remember. But one thing for sure, I never loose a fight in our block.
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