15 February 2008

Hey, we are going to TPE without Daniel. It's too cold, we come to TPE with Mom coz she has my heavy coat. She's been taken care, by us! We come to see Joshua, it's his 3rd day. Mia and Joshua move into this center for 2 weeks. As tradition, new mother will stay in door for a month, stucks with new born baby in same room for a month. She can't go anywhere, try to stay in bed as often as possible. Mia will have whole month of sesame oil cooking. We bring some bottles and food to celebrate. 5th Uncle and aunt-in-law come to visit too, they are very sweet to wait for us. Mia's family has emergency - Mia's Grandma has fracture shoulder and gets worse, now, she will have a surgery next week and she is 95 yr-old. God bless her, she has been waiting for Joshua's arrival for so long, and now, he's here but she can't hold him in her arms.
Joshua is sleeping all the time. Chris and Mia have difficult to wake Joshua up or keep him awake while feeding. I guess it's alright. After all, he arrives a month early. DC says Joshua will have 22-hr sleep. OMG, when can I hold him in arms? Or when he can look at us?
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