16 February 2008

Here is a obs hospital but also a caring center which provides new mother and baby a suite for resting. The place is with 24-hour heating. It's like a hotel room but speical made for new parents and baby. In Chinese tradition, new mother has to stay in bed for 30-49 days. New mother and baby can't get wind blowing to their skin or head, we believe that's the reason for headache later on. The room is controled around 28-30 degrees. Check out the toilet, the seat is heat up and high tech. The floor is warm too. There is a small fridge in room, and microwave in public area. The public area has nice sofa and magazines change frequently.
In the place, the special meal is prepared too. Actually, Mia likes the meal, but it's in big portion, she needs Chris to finish up. Finally I got Joshua's hand, he has long fingers, will he play piano or voilet? His body figure is like Chris, can't wait to see him grow up. So far, Joshua is still peeling.
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