6 February 2008

After the wonderful meal, clean out the dum, we are ready for New Year! What should we start with? Of course it's the Red envelope time! Don't get me wrong, Chris asked me to give red envelopes for him. (Our red envelopes are in parents' pockets already!) Also kids enjoy receiving red envelopes. Duncan runs around with red envelope and Daniel waits for him to drop it. Daniel grows up!!!
After 11PM, ppl start to put on firework. It's illegal but we still can hear it. Same thing to DUB. Shamn on Ian, he has to celebrate his New Year on the flight. Hopefully, he can enoy the in-room Jaccuzi and have a kick-ass meeting. Da called early on, Da and Mags and her parents and Linda have booked a Chinese restaurant. That's a way to celebrate it. I think I better stay here for New Year with family, at least, bigger red envelope. Chris and Mia will be moving this Sunday and they have completed the moving stuff due to her cousin's short notice. However, one more thing is done. They are ready for New Year. Mia said she can feel the baby's moving down or turning. Mom hopes she can hold on longer. Most of Dr. are off until 4th day of New Year. DC wish she can hold it until St. Patrick's day. I know, I know he's dreaming. let him keep on dreaming then. God bless!
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