3 January 2008

I am so lucky to make the right choice - pick up the right jacket. My goodness, it's freezing cold in AMS. I got good sales bargain on a heavy coat, but I don't think it will be good enough during travelling. So, back to my old coat for travelling. Wow, it's zero degree and the wind is from Scandinavia. I can't feel my fingers. Loot at our sleepy eyes, only 1 hour sleep! Another 13 + 2 hours to go! Add oil! On the way in to AMS, the officer asks me where to, I reply - breakfast! It sounds funny, but that's where we are going for. We can make it thru 15-mins train, right into downtown, get breakfast, and than back to airport, head back to home. Sweet! The only thing out of my caculation is this freezing cold weather. But at least, the sunshine is with us! CX food is getting down, the meat is overcook and the sauce is too much (taste very strong in many ways). The snacks run out in the first 4 hour, another 9 hours to go. Lucky us have prepared for this situation. Something is different. Not many flight attendants, well, that might explain why they hide in the back office more often and we have to walk to them for something to drink.
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