2 December 2007

We have a late brunch with SG food which is near the hotel. Chili crab is SG speciality. The rice is cooked with chicken fat, tasty! Don't tell DC's doctor! DC gets scare when Ian works hard on crab. Half way thru, Mia is back to church for chorale practice. DC says he feels better coz Mia and her church pray a lot for him last week. I know DC can get out of hospital, it's not only their help, but also many of you who pray for us. THANK YOU! It's very important for us! Pls keep us on your prayer. DC's biopsy result will be back in a month. We are working on research and keep on high-fat low-carb diet. Don't tell doctor yet, she doesn't know we are on this diet. On the day when Dr. Chen told us the blood test result, we were kind of laughing inside. Those data showed we were right and we'll keep going on it, maybe call another blood test in 1 month, 6 month time, for comparison. Watch us!
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