28 December 2007

Voila, that's where we stay last night. It's right in the corner of high street with many food selection around. Not too bad, Gene found it on internet with 30 Euro ppn. The fried breakfast does us good. It's different aspect but has more Irish touch. Coz it's a small town, ppl know each other which is nice. Unlike in TW, many ppl hardly know who's the next door neightbour at all. Well, TPE and KHH have very high density population, can't really compare with. But, at home - KHH, we do know old neightbours well, coz we live there for over 20 yrs. Kids grow up together, that makes different. Back to B&B topic, we would love to do similar business when we move back to Ireland. DC said this B&B should be used to Victor's house coz it stands right next to church. Our plan is more like high tech guest house. Maybe we travel too often or we look into it too deep, guest house shouldn't be too hard here. Again, still need to look in a big pic, before we do any move. This will be on our list for 2008.
Today, we should head back to DUB. Cousin Olive is heading back to London soon. The good thing in this X'mas is we could meet her for an afternoon tea and see her girls. Look forward to see her again soon, hopefuly, it won't take another 5 years.
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