27 December 2007

This is not the only case and it won't be the last too. My goodness, we really did it. Bottle bank will be very happy to see them return. As I said earlier, we mis-caculated AGAIN. It's not enough for a week, just 4 days. Better than last year, we had one more day supply. Well, everybody is happy.
Girls wake up early, Wii does keep them busy. Pubs have closed for 2 days now, we are dying to go out. But, "The IT crowd" keeps us in, the rest are out for gym, for walk or for whatever. Gene comes back and puts on TV: Benazir Bhutto is killed! Sad, but you can see it coming. Well, she was a fighter, fight until she died. May she rest in peace!
We are getting ready and head to Carvan where Gene comes from. Pub is opened there, hooray! We are out of supply anyway. DC cooks a perfect fried breakfast. That'll be enough for us to go on whole day!
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