22 December 2007

Oh, boy! That's a lot of drinking work to do, plus another 2 cases of good wine queuing outside. That's our "Before" pic and I'll put "After" pic when we are done with those bottles. We gonna work hard over this X'mas week! God bless! Mary takes Olive and her girls - Sophie and Lillian over for a quick lunch before Jimmy takes Sophie out for concert. DC hasn't see Olive over 5 years and it's very emotional time for them now. Olive is like DC's little sister, she grow up with boys. Olive hasn't been home for X'mas for 19 years. Mary is very happy to have Olive and her girls over for X'mas, it means a lot to her. Mary was telling us last year that she would go somewhere else for X'mas and we were upsad about it. Now, we are going to party over this X'mas!!!
Later on, we head down to Clocktower. OMG, The owner of Clocktower build apartment over Clocktower and rent to Romanian who never step into pub. But the Clocktower is still Clocktower. We met most of ppl last few years and still there. Can't believe we are there from 4-9:30PM. It's shame we couldn't stay until last minute, or we will have H again. H & Mags go to her nephew's 21st birthday party, great fun with loud music. H & Mags are in good shape and ready to party! Da & Mags are also in great form to party mood too. So, let's party then.
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