25 December 2007

Kids wake up early to see what Santa has brought for them. Actually, they saw Santa come and go because they haven't been in bed yet, so Santa left without present. But, after they went to bed, Santa came back and left tons of present. Girls are happy and excited for Wii. It turns out it's not kids are fans of Wii, it's adult! Adult keeps Wii occupied and become additeted. Surprisedly, we have excellent weather with clear sky and icy cold wind. The blue sky is so beautiful, shame, can't take the pic and show the colour. Kids woke us up, and also Ian. Poor Ian, wake up before noon, that's crul. See, it's ok now, coz Ian gets the discription by DC. Ha, another X'mas joke and Ian gave him that discription paper as gift. I love this pic I took with Polly. She is so lovely and strong - dare to swim in this weather, more than couple times.
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