17 November 2007

Tonight, we join Mark & Joan for spicy hot pot. The famous spicy hot pot restaurant - Tri-Pod-King! Joan has tried to take us here the last 3 years, and finally, we make it! Wow, we queue up for 2 hours. Mark tried to make reservation; but at 3PM, the only possiblity will be after 11PM. Surprisely, this restaurant's open hour is different than most of its competitions: 11AM-7AM. The soup base is fix price, the duck blood pudding is delicious and the waitress keeps coming back to check the soup is enough or it'll be refilled ASAP. The duck blood pudding and tofu is the spirit of spicy hot pot. Therefore, duck blood pudding & tofu's quality is very important, plus they are free and unlimited provided. The service is good and effiction, really good from my point of view! The waitress sees we have kids and prepares the baby seat & kid's bowl & spond before we come in; she comes back and sells juice 5 minutes after (when we just start to feel thirsty). The rest of hot pot materials are a-la-carte and the meat is so fresh. The sliced is perfect for 6 seconds swimming in hot pot. The fish paste is served in a big bamboo container and you can shape it before it dances in hot pot. Dried bean curd is the highlight material in spicy hot pot, it sucks the fat & spicy oil; therefore, keep it to the end and take a bite with full flavour in dried bean curd. The cabbage costs 140NTD per piece in local market and this restaurant sells a quater for 80NTD per dish. This deal is good enough for us!
Actually, one turn can finish us all. Also, this restaurant has another rule; 90 minutes meal time per table. That's how it creat high table turn over ratio. It looks short, but it's enough time for us! Before we go, we ask for doggy bag, and it turns out - a huge bag. Look at Duncan's baby carriage, it's that heavy and big bag. That'll be enough for us on second run when we get better!!! By the time we come out, there are still a long queue out of restaurant. It teachs us a lesson - never dinning at weekend!!!
PS: We have middle spicy hot pot! And it's hot hot hot! But, unlike our experience in the past, this base doesn't burn mouth or stomach, my mouth doesn't feel numb, althought it's hot, but it's eatable & helps digestion. TPK's base is made by 32 kinds of Chinese herb and it contains 5 flavours- sweetness, sourness, bitterness, peppery, hotness and saltiness! Take a sip of base, I'm sweating but the warming feeling goes down straight into my stomach and I have no hiccups! I enjoy this hot pot so much!!! For sure, we gonna come back with Dancing Queen and others!
PS: It's Candice's engagement party in TPE. Congratulations, Candice! Finally, you find your Mr. Right! I am glad to help her out with wine selection! Happy Happy!
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