28 November 2007

This morning, our new roommate woke us up coz his surgery is due at 8AM. A lot of preparation to do, so we were awake at 6AM, it look cold outside, stay in bed is better! Not wake up yet! Got back to sleep!
8AM, nurse came again, but still for new roommate. His family hasn't arrive yet, so hospital won't start his operation. It has good & bad side concern, it's not our business, I won't talk about it. But, soon, nurse came for us, Dr. Chen wanted to do biopsy at 9AM shot. It's painful procedure but she did it fast enough. We are all done! Waited until 5PM, we are released! After 8-night in hospital, we can go back home and sleep on our own bed! That's really good news! Although we have to come back next week to visit Dr. Chen, but it's delightful! Now, I gonna run, Ian is on the way from HKG to KHH. He'll be landing soon! Another Coffey in town! More business for bars!
PS: It must be Ian bring Irish weather with him. It's less than 20 degrees and sun hasn't come out yet. The weather forcast said it would be continued until Sunday. Let's hope we would be too drunk to remember that.

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