10 October 2007

It's TW's national day. There are two fireworks - Taipei by KMT and DongGuang by DPP. It is beautiful and brilliant. It's like falling on the top of your head, so close. We are on the riverside, although we arrive 1.5 hours early, but still, queue up outside. We won't dare to go inside, coz there are A LOT of people. Recording on the news, there are 280,000 people on riverside to watch this firework. We are glad to be one of this number. Before the firework ends, we decide to go, too many people. It takes us half an hour to move 500 meters. When we are off the riverband, people start to move out, I turn around, wow, look at those people, scary...
It's a great night out, again, one of our old habit - ex-Four Points club. Happy Birthday to Cynthia, I hope Bacelona won't have shower for long.

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